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Construction aggregates (crushed stone, sand and gravel) are the foundation of Central New York’s infrastructure. Kinsella Quarries provides a local source of high-quality materials to support a variety of private and public projects throughout Central New York.

From large state-funded projects and local government initiatives to the smaller scale needs of regional homeowners, our commitment remains the same - clean, efficient, and community-oriented service from top to bottom.

Open Graded Aggregate

Open Graded Aggregate

An open graded aggregate mix will have notable air voids between individual stones, allowing water to drain. These mixtures do not compact well. They are perfect for a variety of commercial and residential uses.

  • Good Drainage, Poor Compaction

  • Drain Tile for Foundations

  • Used For Septic Systems 

  • Used In Extremely Muddy Areas to Build A Base 

  • Landscaping And Erosion Control

Dense Graded Aggregate

The purpose of a dense graded mixture is to obtain maximum stability or load-carrying capacity, commonly used as a subbase and base for highways, roads, driveways, and parking lots. These grades get best results when compacted in place.

  • Good Compaction, Poor Drainage

  • Foundations For Highways and Structures

  • Road Shoulder Stabilization and Unpaved Road Stabilization

  • Building Pad, Patio Bases, and Driveways

  • Engineered Backfill

  • Back Filling Water/Sewer Lines

  • Equipment Support Pads on Jobsites

Dense Graded Aggregate

Fine Aggregate

Fine aggregates generally consist of natural sand or crushed stone. They are typically used as small size filler materials.

  • Pathways, Walkways and Bicycle Trails

  • Horse Rings, Stables and Barns

  • Ice and Snow Traction Grit

  • Backfill for Underground Cable and Pipe

  • Storage Tank Bedding 

  • Concrete Production

  • Asphalt Mixes

Fine Aggregate

Embankment/Dirt Fill

Embankment/Dirt Fill is a combination of natural materials used to level or elevate the ground. They are constructed of materials that usually consist of soil, but may also include aggregate, rock, or crushed paving material.


  • Inexpensive Way of Filling a Low Spot

  • Backfilling Garages, Walls, and Bases



Topsoil consists of the uppermost layer of natural soil. 


  • Growing Grass

  • Filling Raised Beds

  • Repairing Eroded Spots and Filling Holes


Rip Rap

Rip Rap is larger pieces of crushed stone (4” and larger) typically used to stabilize and protect the soil surface against erosion. It protects soil from erosion due to concentrated runoff and decreasing water velocity. Architectural and landscaping applications are also common.

  • Erosion Control

  • New Driveway Bedding

  • Stabilizing Parking Areas

  • Muddy Areas 

  • Effective Filter Stone for Sewage Plant Clarifiers

  • Railroad Ballast

  • Landscaping and Architectural Stone

  • Provide Superior Erosion Control 

  • Control of Stream Flow

  • Fill for Low Areas

Rip Rap

Specialty Products

Our specialty products fulfill a range of business and consumer needs, such as…


  • Cold Patch Used for Filling Potholes

  • Recycled Products for…

Specialty Products

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