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Land Reclamation

Our Responsibility to the Environment Continues Throughout the Life of a Quarry and Beyond

Commitment to Restoring Natural Balance

As a steward of the earth's resources, Kinsella Quarries recognizes that our responsibility to the environment continues throughout the life of a quarry and beyond. The work of a quarry is never truly finished until it has been returned to a natural state of balance with its surroundings. The industry term for this philosophy is land reclamation, and it is an operational approach that plays a central role in the life cycle of each and every piece of ground we lay our trusted name to.​

Kinsella Quarries IMCC National Mine Reclamation Award

Kinsella Quarries sites that spend their active life fueling our local need for crushed stone products, give back just as much to the ecosystem in retirement. In 1995 Kinsella Quarries received the IMCC National Mine Reclamation Award, an award given to recognize companies who maintain compliance with regulatory requirements and apply innovative techniques to reclaim land following mining activities. The video below, of a quarry being reclaimed, offers just a glimpse of our award-winning land reclamation approach. ​

Land Reclamation
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Innovative Transformations of Former Quarry Sites from Around the World

Thousands of mines and quarry sites around the world have reached the end of their mining operations and are now home to solar farms, wetland banking sites, public parks, or recreational areas. Each former mining site is unique with its location and mining history, and many have found very creative uses. Below are examples of old quarry and mining sites from around the world, showcasing how they took advantage of their expansive size, acoustics, and other unique characteristics.

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