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Environmental Stewardship

Making a Positive Impact on Our Community and Its Future

At Kinsella Quarries we believe our sustainability actions are fundamental to our business and show our long-standing commitment to making a positive impact on our communities and environment. Our commitment to being responsible stewards of the Earth's resources create lasting results that benefit our employees, customers, and communities.

Environmental stewardship means we are working to protect and sustain our environment for future generations. We take a long-term approach to our business to ensure that the community benefits from our work for decades to come.

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The "Save the Rain" Program is a comprehensive stormwater management plan intended to reduce pollution to Onondaga Lake and its tributaries. Kinsella Quarries materials are used to help create permeable surfaces, which allows rain to move through asphalt and into a rock layer placed below the pavement. Permeable surfaces protect Onondaga Lake and its tributaries from pollution and stormwater runoff.

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We invest considerably in reducing our environmental impact in several ways, such as incorporating recycled materials into our asphalt production. Kinsella Quarries is a New York State Registered Recycling Center for Blacktop, Concrete and Dirt.

Land Reclamation - As a steward of the earth's resources, Kinsella Quarries recognizes that our responsibility to the environment continues throughout the life of a quarry and beyond. The work of a quarry is never truly finished until it has been returned to a natural state of balance with its surroundings.

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