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Delivery Service

We Offer Delivery Service Throughout Central New York

Please contact us for your specific delivery needs. We will work with you to get you the right product at the right time. On-site pickup of most products is also available.

When you contact us, be prepared to answer questions about the area surrounding your project.​

  • Are there overhead power lines or low hanging tree limbs?
    Dump trucks are very tall when their beds are raised. Please note any trees, powerlines, or obstructions at your delivery location before calling.

  • Are there buried pipes or septic lines?
    Underground pipes and utilities can be damaged by a fully loaded dump truck. Note any underground infrastructure that is at risk before placing your order. 

  • Is the ground level? Is the ground wet?
    Inspecting the site condition is critical. Please be prepared to tell us about the ground condition including any soft or wet areas. Please notify us if site conditions change on the day of your delivery.

  • Are there any tight turning areas?
    Remember, these are large trucks and need significant room to maneuver.

Time of Delivery - What to Expect

We do everything possible to get your load delivered at the right time and the right place. However, delays can happen due to weather and unforeseen challenges. Please call several days in advance to schedule your delivery.

Be prepared to meet the truck driver when they arrive to discuss how you would like your stone dumped (if we are able to tailgate spread, our drivers are not responsible for raking or shoveling). If you are not available at the time of delivery, we will deliver your material, but it is highly recommended to have someone available if the driver has any questions or concerns.

Need help calculating a material estimate?

Need pricing on delivery options?

What’s a Stone Slinger and How Will it Help with My Project?

A stone slinger is used to “sling” or place stone, sand, topsoil, and other aggregates. With a stone slinger you can place materials in precise positions and reach hard to access areas.

Stone Slinger

Benefits Of Using Stone Slinger with Your Next Project

  • Sling materials up to 40 feet away from the slinger truck

  • Spread with accuracy

  • Work in hard-to-reach areas where options are limited

  • Save time - stay on track and within budget by cutting the project time in half 

  • Along with cutting time, stone slingers also help cut labor costs by eliminating the need for manual labor, shovels, wheelbarrows, and extra working hours

  • Reduced clean up time

  • What services do you offer in addition to simply dumping loads of material?
    As a general rule, Kinsella Quarries offers hauling to your site for each product and leaving them in a pile from which you may distribute as you please. When conditions are right, we are sometimes able to “dump spread” materials over your site. We do this by raising the box of the dump truck while the truck is in motion, thus allowing the materials to leave the box in something like a sheet. While normally the only deterrents to “spreading” a load of material would be overhead obstacles such as branches or wires, we cannot guarantee that we are able to spread materials. Our driver will have the final say as to whether spreading is a safe and valid option. We also have stone slinger trucks. Featuring conveyors much like that of a concrete truck, they allow the operator to place stone much more precisely than a dump truck. In fact, our most recent stone slinger trucks have the ability to be driven by a remote control while the slinger conveyor is in motion, allowing the operator to make quick work of such things as covering a bank.
  • Do you accept fill materials and other materials for recycling or reclamation?
    Yes, we accept the following materials only: Concrete Blacktop Fill (dirt, stone, or any mix of acceptable materials) There are charges for accepting most of these materials. Please Contact Us for more information. We CANNOT accept any material containing wood or any construction debris.
  • What are your business hours?
    The hours vary by season and demand. You can find the current hours on the Contact Us page.
  • I have a question about billing - how should I handle it?
    Please call our main office in Fayetteville at (315) 637-3390.
  • I ordered materials from Kinsella Quarries (T. H. Kinsella, Inc.) years ago. Can you remind me what it was I ordered?
    If you have an account with Kinsella Quarries, this is relatively easy to research. If you have no account, but you kept a copy of the receipt for the sale, you will have a ticket number that we can retrieve from our digital archive. If no ticket is present, we will need to re-establish your record from scratch.
  • How is payment arranged?
    Payment is made by open account, cash, check or credit card. Payment by cash or check may be made to the driver at the time of delivery or to the weighmaster at the time of loading. Payment by credit card may be made to the main office either in person or by phone to (315) 637-3390. If you are a commercial client interested in opening an account for billing, please contact our office.
  • Do you offer delivery services?
    We can deliver our bulk products. Delivery of very small quantities is expensive, in relation to the amount delivered, as compared to larger delivered quantities. This is due to the cost of the truck, driver, overhead being spread over a smaller quantity of product being delivered. For more information, visit our Delivery Page.
  • What should I know about having bulk materials delivered at my house?
    Some facts about our dump trucks may help you understand the constraints that we have to manage in making deliveries. Our dump trucks stand nearly 12 feet high when their boxes are down, and when the box is raised, can reach nearly 25 feet tall. Delivery charges cover freight from our material source to the roadside at the customer's jobsite. We will attempt to dump or place materials at the customer's discretion on the site, allowing for the driver's discretion and concerns for safety of all. When loaded, our trucks can weigh up to 35 tons - they can leave ruts on lawns when asked to leave the roadway. In fact, they can leave ruts on or destroy blacktop driveways whether they are newly paved or long-established. Where our trucks go on customers’ property is entirely at the discretion of the customer, and the customer assumes the risks involved. All stone products are heavy and moving them by shovel or wheelbarrow is hard work. Imagine a cubic yard - a box one yard by one yard by one yard - weighing 2,500-3,000 pounds.
  • What is your delivery area?
    While we don’t have a hard and fast delivery area, we tend to deliver most of our material within Onondaga County and the four counties that surround it (Oswego, Madison, Cortland, and Cayuga). For more information on delivery rates, please visit our Calculator Page or Contact Us for more information.
  • What material should I use for my project?
    As a general rule it helps to ask yourself the following: Are you looking for a material that will drain, or one that will pack? Are you looking for something that will be moved by machine, or by “hand” or shovel? Is the material supposed to fulfill a decorative need, or will the material eventually be buried under other material? Consider the effects of the existing site (wet, dry, sandy, heavy clay content) and the weather or time of year. Some materials (select fill is one example) do not work nearly as well in wet conditions as they do in dry site conditions.
  • How much material do I need?
    Measure the length, width, and depth of the area that you plan to cover. Remember to measure the depth in feet (e.g., 4 inches = .333 feet). Multiply the length, width, and depth together. Divide that product by 27 to convert to cubic yards. The conversion factor from cubic yards to tons varies depending on the type of material you are using. A general rule would be that if the material is compactible (e.g., crusher run, select fill, stone dust), you should use a factor of 1.5 tons per cubic yard. If the material is “self-compacting,” meaning that it tends to be used for drainage (sized stone for example), you should use a factor of 1.25 tons per cubic yard. Materials such as screened topsoil and mulch do not have a good conversion factor, since they retain water weight so well. For additional help on calculating how much material you need, please visit our Calculator page.
  • How do I place an order for materials?
    All orders should be called in to our main office at (315) 637-3390. You may also place orders in person if you visit our offices in Fayetteville.
  • What type of products do you sell?
    We produce over 70 product varieties for pick up or delivery. Please see our Product Page for more information about some of the most common materials.
  • How can I calculate how much stone I will need for my job?
    Please see our Material Estimator to calculate the quantity of material you may need.
  • Can I pick up materials at your locations?
    Absolutely, as long as you are using a dump truck with USDOT numbers displayed. There is a minimum charge of $20.00.

Frequently Asked Questions About Delivery

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