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Social Responsibility

Making a meaningful difference in our communities and environment through dedicated social responsibility.

We Are Committed to Supporting Our Community

At Kinsella Quarries, we are dedicated to making a positive impact on our communities and our environment. Social responsibility is not a buzzword for us; it’s how we do business. We take great pride in contributing to the social fabric of the region in a variety of ways and we are proud to say that we’ve been contributing to our local communities for over half of a century.

Our commitment to sustainability and social responsibility is an integral part of who we are, and we will continue to strive for excellence in everything we do.

Environmental Stewardship and Community Impact

We recognize the importance of environmental stewardship and take a long-term approach to our business to ensure that our community benefits for decades to come. We are working to protect and sustain our environment for future generations. We recognize that our responsibility to the environment continues throughout the life of a quarry and beyond.

Kinsella Quarries believes strongly in giving back, and we continuously strive to contribute positively towards improving our local community. We support a variety of community organizations through donations, sponsorships and serving as board members. 

Sustainability and Resource Conservation

We believe we have the opportunity and social responsibility to make environmentally sound decisions that result in a positive difference. Our aim is to act responsibly in everything we do, from managing operations and producing materials to delivering them to projects, using sustainable practices.


Recycling materials is a key part of our sustainability efforts, as it reduces landfill requirements and greenhouse emissions. We invest considerably in reducing our environmental impact by incorporating recycled materials into our asphalt production. Kinsella Quarries is a New York State Registered Recycling Center for Blacktop, Concrete, and Dirt.

Investing in Our People

Our commitment to sustainability extends to the safety, health, and well-being of our employees. We provide regular safety and operational meetings, education, and training to ensure our team complies with environmental policies, conserves energy, reduces waste, and recycles materials. Every effort is made to exceed the requirements of all government regulations for environmental compliance and safety. We also ensure fair wages and safe working conditions for our employees, fostering a healthy and supportive work environment.

Why Mining is Needed - The Essential Role of Quarries in Supporting Infrastructure and Daily Life

Quarries play a vital role in meeting the increasing demand for construction materials, serving as the foundation for buildings, roads, and infrastructure essential to our daily lives. While efforts to recycle materials are ongoing, quarries and mining remain indispensable. Ideally, quarries should be located close to areas of demand to minimize transportation costs and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Proximity to the point of use is crucial for cost control and reducing the carbon footprint of transportation.

Below you will find a few graphics from the Mineral Education Coalition (MEC). These annual statistics highlight essential insights into mineral consumption, including The Mineral Baby, which reveals the staggering amount of minerals, metals, and fuels each American child will need in their lifetime. Additionally, "Minerals Needed Every Year" demonstrates the ongoing demand for new minerals, while "Look Around... Everything is Made from Something" illustrates the vast array of resources required to construct the everyday items we often take for granted.

2023 Mineral Baby MEC.png

The Mineral Baby

The 2023 Mineral Baby infographic is a powerful representation of the immense mineral, metal, and fuel needs of every American child in their lifetime.


According to the Mineral Education Coalition (MEC), the average American child will require an estimated 3.07 million pounds of these resources. The infographic serves as a compelling reminder of the ongoing demand for mining.

Minerals Needed Every Year

The 2023 MEC Minerals Needed Every Year infographic provides a compelling snapshot of the per capita use of minerals in the United States. It highlights the staggering demand for new minerals, emphasizing that 40,209 pounds of new minerals must be provided for every person annually to meet the needs of everyday products.

For instance, the graphic points out that 6,952 pounds of sand and gravel are essential for creating concrete, asphalt, roads, blocks, and bricks. This visualization underscores the critical role of mining and quarries in sustaining infrastructure and meeting the daily needs of society.

2023 MEC Minerals Needed Every Year.png
KQ - Everything is Made from Something.png

Did You Know?

An average American house requires a vast array of natural resources to be built. The MEC has a comprehensive illustration titled "Look Around… Everything is Made from Something," which demonstrates the many resources needed to construct a home. From the foundation to the roof, countless minerals, metals, and fuels are essential for creating the spaces we live in every day. 

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