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Locally Owned & Operated
4th Generation Family Business

Locally owned and operated, specializing in the supply and delivery of crushed stone, topsoil, and sand of all varieties throughout the counties of Central New York.

About Us

Helping Build Our Local Community of Central New York Since 1967

It’s the key ingredient in every step of sidewalk our children tread on their way safely to and from school. It’s the roads we drive, and it’s quite literally the foundation of the homes we return to at the end of each day. Sound like a substance that’s too good to be true? Well, think again – it’s Kinsella Quarries crushed stone, and it’s used right here locally in products ranging from concrete, asphalt, fertilizer and winter highway abrasives, to daily building essentials like foundations, septic systems, and erosion control.


Locally owned and operated, and specializing in the supply and delivery of crushed stone, topsoil, and sand of all varieties throughout Onondaga and Madison counties of Central New York.

Kinsella Quarries clients hail from a broad spectrum of public and private concerns including the New York State and Onondaga County Parks Departments, the Onondaga County Water Authority, the New York State and Onondaga Departments of Transportation, a wide array of regional towns and villages, as well as private contractors and homeowners throughout Central New York and the greater Syracuse area.

Our History

Long before the days of air freight, heavy trucks, and sophisticated advancements in residential and commercial heating, if you wanted a ready source of power, you likely turned to one substance - coal. If you lived in Fayetteville, New York, and its surrounding areas you just as likely turned to one place - J.P. Kinsella Coal. 

In an era now only remembered in black and white, the steady murmur of railway cars filled the air as deliveries made their way from the hills of Pennsylvania to the Kinsella Coal silos on Route 5. Once unloaded and safely stored, the coal was delivered to homes throughout eastern Onondaga County, and to local businesses such as the Stickley Furniture Factory and the McIntyre Paper Company. 

J.P. Kinsella Coal

Through the Years

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