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Before 1967

Long before the days of air freight, heavy trucks, and sophisticated advancements in residential and commercial heating, if you wanted a ready source of power you likely turned to one substance - coal. If you lived in Fayetteville, New York and its surrounding areas you just as likely turned to one place - J.P. Kinsella Coal. In an era now only remembered in black and white, the steady murmur of railway cars filled the air as deliveries made their way from the hills of Pennsylvania to the Kinsella Coal silos on Route 5. Once unloaded and safely stored, the coal was delivered to homes throughout eastern Onondaga County, and to local businesses such as the Stickley Furniture Factory and the McIntyre Paper Company. 

Change, however, was afoot, and in the year 1939, as the world carefully trained its attention on the looming battlefronts of Europe over three thousand miles away, another event was simultaneously taking place right here in the town of Fayetteville as T.H. Kinsella first extended the sale of hand-picked stone and topsoil to go along with the coal that his father ushered into town before him. 

With little more at his disposal than a pick axe and a shovel, a local supply of limestone was born as T.H. and his two young sons, Tommy and John, mined the earth to provide the raw material needed for the stone walls and foundations of the day. 


It was not long before the demands of a growing Fayetteville and surrounding areas necessitated the search for a more automated method of production, and in 1960 John and Tommy found it with the introduction of the quarry's very first use of a crusher and screens. The result was an immediate increase in crushed stone output and variety, and with it, a boon for the local building industry that could now rely on a nearby and cost-efficient source for its rapidly increasing needs. 

1967 - Present

In 1967 T.H. Kinsella was incorporated. In the decades since, T.H. Kinsella has become the major source of crushed stone for eastern Onondaga and western Madison counties while continuing to serve local municipalities, area private contractors, and the needs of individual homeowners. 


After all of these years, still local, still family-owned, and still committed to supporting our local economy with a vital supply of cost-efficient raw building materials. That's the T.H. Kinsella tradition, because remember, if it's not grown, it's mined!


Through the Years...

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